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  • Special Offers

    FedEx special offers and promotions straight to your inbox.

  • Service Updates

    Latest news about FedEx® products and services.

    • FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® Shipments

    • FedEx Freight® Shipments

    • FedEx Office® Copy & Printing, Signs & Banners

    • FedEx Custom Critical®

  • My FedEx Rewards

    Emails about your eligible offers and rewards. Requires membership (free).

  • News and Tips

    News, information, and insight from FedEx.

    • FedEx E-Newsletter

      Monthly FedEx Updates offers advice and strategies designed to help your business succeed.

    • Access Email

      Monthly updates about people, ideas, and trends that are shaping global connectivity.

  • Service Disruption Notifications

    Alerts about any service disruptions or weather delays that disrupt the FedEx network. Alerts do not contain information about individual shipments.

  • Developer Resources

    Product information for FedEx Ship Manager® Server and FedEx Web Services. Notifications are in English only.

    • FedEx Ship Manager Server

      Notifications about new feature releases and general updates for FedEx Ship Manager Server.

    • FedEx Web Services

      Notifications about new feature releases and general updates for FedEx Web Services.

    • FedEx Web Services System Outage Alerts and Notifications

      Scheduled outage notifications for both Test and Production environments.

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