FedEx® International Document Preparation

FedEx International Document Preparation

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FedEx International Document Preparation

Faster and easier documentation for your export shipments

If you are enrolled in the FedEx International Document Preparation program, you can use this form to process your U.S. export shipments using one of the following services:

We'll use your information to complete an international air waybill and other documentation that you request for the shipment, such as a Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, NAFTA Certificate of Origin or Electronic Export Information (EEI).


Register and log in on the left and follow the instructions to complete and submit the online version of the FedEx Express Shipper's Letter of Instruction (FedEx SLI).

If you have questions or problems with the SLI, please call or email:

SLI Helpline: 1.866.269.7970